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Sony vegas pro 13 not responding when importing free

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Sony vegas pro 13 not responding when importing free. Solved: Sony Vegas Crashing and Corrupted Video Files

Sony Vegas does not support all the video codecs out there because that adds to the cost of the software due to the licensing fee. So, when you try to import. Click on Apply and Ok to save the settings. Now you can easily import MOV and your Sony Vegas not Opening MOV Files issue is resolved. If Sony Vegas is crashing on your system then you need to see the video quality in which you trying to render your videos. Some computers can’t.


Sony vegas pro 13 not responding when importing free.Sony Vegas Won’t Import MP4? Easy Open MP4 in Sony Vegas


Some make videos to document important moments of their lives and save them for the future. So, what happens when you lose those important videos or they get corrupted?

You feel simply devastated, don’t you? And it’s not always even your fault! In a situation where Sony Vegas crashes and you are left with a corrupted video, Wondershare Repairt Video Repair can repair the corrupted video file.

It is the best tool for video repair and can accommodate very large files. It is available across platforms and supports different corruption scenarios such as frozen videos, video playback that gets interrupted, out-of-sync videos, blurry videos, and so on.

There are two repair modes in Wondershare Repairit. All of which are very easy to understand and use. There are several ways to add a corrupted video onto the Wondershare Repairit interface – it can be done by clicking on Add video and start repairing in the middle of the interface or just clicking on the Add button at the bottom left side of the interface.

You could as well simply drag the corrupted video and drop it on the interface. Click on the Repair button at the bottom of the interface. A bar will indicate the progress of the repair.

Once this process is done, click OK to save the video. You can preview the video by clicking on the play button next to the video. This gives you a chance to see if the video was successfully repaired before saving it. At times the video is severely damaged and might need further repair to be fully restored. It could also be that you are simply not happy with how the video turned out. In that case, you can opt for the Advanced Repair mode. When you choose Advanced Repair mode, you will have to add a sample video in the same format as the corrupted video.

The video must also be from the same source or device as the corrupted video. Wondershare Repairit uses information from the sample video to repair the corrupted video. Follow these steps:. Click on the folder icon in the middle of the interface to add the sample video and then click on Repair to begin the process.

Note: You have to choose whether or not to save the repaired videos in Quick Repair before starting Advanced Repair. Select Yes or No as you see fit. Once the software is done repairing the video, you simply click on the Save button.

Another window comes asking you to select the location to save the recovered videos in. Here’s a tip: Always save them in a different location from where the corrupted video is. Next, you just click Recover. If you want to save the repaired videos in a separate folder, you simply click on New Folder first to create one, and then on Recover to save the video there.

You can also name the folder to make finding it easier amid other files. Sometimes, Sony Vegas crashes when you open the video preview window for an extended amount of time or when you hover around your timeline to different play points. The simple fact is, a lot of things could make Sony Vegas crash unexpectedly. As a result, Magix was prompted to provide updates that came with a ton of bug fixes and new features.

Sony Vegas supports various audio and video formats, but the supported import format list differs from the export list. The import and export supported lists are as follows:. When a certain codec is included as part of a program, software companies like Sony Vegashaves to pay a licensing fee tothose codecs’ creatorss. Thus, not every codec gets included in Sony Vegas as it will immensely add to the cost of the software purchase.

For that reason, some AVI and MP4 file formats with unsupported codecs cannot be imported, even though they are compatible with Sony Vegas. A project you have worked on in Sony Vegas can be corrupted when the software crashes or when you export it to an unreliable cloud storage unit or through some other way.

Here are some workable tips to help you avoid Sony Vegas crashing problem as well as file corruption:. Sony Vegas crashing is a common problem and as you have seen, it can be brought on for different reasons.

The article has provided solutions to the crashing problem as well as causes of the crash. It is possible to avoid all these problems, though, and it’s even more possible to recover your lost files using professional video recovery software — Wondeshare Repairit. The Software can recover even the most damaged files. Solved: Sony Vegas Crashing and Corrupted Video Files This article discusses the reasons why Sony Vegas crashes, the solutions to the crash, and also how you can fix corrupted video files on your computer.

Download Win Download Mac. Eleanor Reed. And it happens a lot when I use Sony Vegas, so what do I do? Sony Vegas can open AVI file formats but not all of them. The AVI is a container for a lot of video codecs and not all of those codecs can be decoded by Sony Vegas due to licensing fees. Yes, the software can open MOV file formats.

However, it has been reported by users that they encounter particular problems when trying to import MOV files to Sony Vegas. How do I fix a corrupt file in Sony Vegas? You cannot fix a corrupt file in Sony Vegas. For that, utilize third-party software like Wondershare Repairit to successfully repair any corrupted file.

How do I fix Sony Vegas from crashing? One way you can fix the crashing problem is by resetting Sony Vegas to its default settings. You could also fix it by customizing your settings and installing the latest Sony Vegas video editing software version. Why doesn’t Sony Vegas keep responding? Sony Vegas could have hooked and stopped responding due to some hidden bug in its program file that interfered with the computer’s performance.

SD card pictures are lost? Top 5 free photo recovery software. Restore photos from recycle bin. Repair MKV videos. Solve video black screen. Repair restored videos. Fix audio sync problems. MP4 No Sound? Even when the computer is cold booted, we immediately run Movie Studio and open the welcome project and send it to render, it pretty much instantly closes the program. That does not seem like it would be enough time to generate the heat necessary to force close a program.

We have attempted to do it on a number of occasions, but we have apparently been doing it from the wrong icon, and therefore never getting the dialogue from which to select the reset.. I will follow this new path and see if we can get some new behaviour. I should also mention that we have upgraded Movie Studio to the latest build as of approximately two weeks ago. We were hoping that that upgrade would address the problem, but it has not.

I will post back after we’ve had a chance to try the proper instructions to reset. I can assure you that there is no bug in the program. As I said before, if you can’t get it to work, post a message on the forum and then we can look deeper into the problem. Sorry for the delay here. Just to catch up: we have followed the proper way to reset, no difference.

We completely un-installed and re-installed Movie Studio, and still it closes when asked to render – even on the simple little sample project included in the installation. I believe that something in his computer has been altered in some way some system setting, an “updated” DLL, maybe a new virus, who knows Since I am not a windows guy, I’ve suggested to him that it would be a good idea to have a windows-versed person check out his laptop to be sure it’s clean and properly set-up.

So at this point, Derek – thank you for your time, attention, and suggestions. It sounds like one of the Windows programs that Vegas uses to compile and render has become corrupted like. NET Framework. Something like this happened to me 5 years ago with Vegas. A clean re-install of Windows would be the best thing to do.

If they put their efforts to make programs stable instead of creating many variants, that would help. Until then, there’s no chance i buy any Magix software. Peoples reviews don’t lie after all. That is a very general statement.

There is nothing wrong with any of these programs. If you are experiencing problems like this, there is a reason behind it and it isn’t because of the program. There are many reasons why a video editing program may freeze; type of video, wrong settings and incompatible hardware, to name a few. If you would like help with this, post a message on the forum and I can guide you through it to find what the problem is.

Vegas 15 closes any time up try and add a video to the program, everytime I have done all the steps in this post. I have replied to your email and asked that you post this problem on the MSZ Forum please. To add to my previous post, i think i just found out what was causing the freezes, Acronis Active Protection.

I recently had a problem where a couple of bigger files, in the 2GB and 11GB range would cause Vegas to freeze, i thought it stopped working but leaving it run about 5 minutes it actually did import.

I have a pretty fast system too. It seems to have fixed itself recently and I’m not sure what happened that fixed it, because i did uninstall the program and reinstalled it and that didn’t seem to do anything, unless it was something else that changed or a program got uninstalled that was somehow causing this to happen..

This is on Windows 10 by the way. Hi James It sounds like you have experienced an X-file! Also make sure you have installed the latest build version for Vegas. To anyone here that uses ShadowPlay or programs that save recordings in AVC format, that’s the problem. Then I tried dragging in a Fraps. Seems like Sony Vegas 14 doesn’t like Shadow Play. I do not use ShadowPlay, but do know that this problem was widespread and caused by Nvidia. There are many threads about this all over the Internet.

Hey Derek! I have a question for you. I’ve tried your steps below and could not solve this problem. Whenever I go to import a video or picture of any type the system freezes and shuts down. It won’t let me drag and drop a clip or import it. I tried updating my computer and clearing the cache. I’m not really sure what do to here. I’m running Vegas Hi Ryan If you have definitely cleared the cache, it sounds like something inside of Windows has changed or the program has become corrupted.

This involves doing a deep removal of all Vegas files and then re-installing a fresh copy of Vegas. I have instructions here for Windows Appreciate it, Derek! I don’t know if I even remember my old serial number to re install it sadly. Would there be a way to find this? Open the program without loading a project. Which exact version of Vegas are you using? Which exact program and version are you using?

Which version of Windows are you using and is it 32 bit or 64 bit? Is this the first time you have ever used the program or was it working OK in the past? I recommend you reset the program first. Hi Derek, I was hoping maybe you could help me. I have Vegas Movie Studio 10 on my Windows 10 laptop.

Vegas has been worked just fine in the past, though I have used it in a couple of months. Recently, I tried to start a project but the program won’t let me import any media. At first I tried uploading mp4 files, then I tried previous video files I imported from previous projects, then I even tried images. Every time I try to import media the program has “unexpectedly crashed”. I was able to import the videos I need by dragging them into the program but now the problem is every time I click on the video, it crashes.

I’m not sure what to try any more I’ve already tried rebooting my computer so any help would be greatly appreciated. What is the File Extension of the video you are trying to import? What size is it in GBs? Example mymovie. Have you tried creating a new project and just importing the problem video?

Have you tried re-naming the video to something slightly different? There may be something actually wrong with this video, which means it will never work. Create a new 1 minute test video using the same settings and see if that works. Hey Derek, is there a limit to the size an. I have the same problem where if I try to import a 4 GB.

There is no limit to size of a file you can import.